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They said I need a miracle to laugh again and to speak a word again.

I took a sheet of paper and started to write:

"I know. But I don't believe in miracles anymore."

24.6.18 19:05

this life, it's not worth

you gave wings to my life. but without you i will fly never again

why don't you let us be happy together? why not? why...?

it`s like the world stands still forever
just missing you
i get off, i'm sorry

2.3.18 17:59

i’ve build big walls around me
i’m not allowed to be happy with the one who loves me
and so i keep everyone away from me
to see happy couples hurts me
i learned to love the loneliness
it’s the only way for me to live without love

i don't laugh, i don't talk, i don't smile
because i miss YOU so much....

i've retired from life
although I just want to be happy with the one i love....

Give me a reason to smile again!
Because we love each other so much...
And I will always love you...


23.2.18 20:44

for me there's no after you
for me there's only YOU

even when i will never be happy without you
but maybe YOU will make me happy one day...
then i will be the happiest girl in the world - with YOU
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8.2.18 06:57

If you love me, just let me know! Write me! Tell me! Send me a friend request! Whatever.... On facebook, skype, instagram, ... Wherever...

I have no strength left to fight for something that is self-evident to others. Just to be loved...

Love is no fight.

Love should make happy - both of us. Together.

You know how much I love you....But I need YOU for this... Because without you it's all nothing worth... :-(
29.1.18 17:23

For a short time in my life I was very happy. It was the time when I felt Süleyman's love. But since the days I haven't smiled anymore. Because I miss him so much. For me it's one life - one love. I love you, Süleyman - only YOU, nobody else....

We love us. But we're not happy without each other. The only thing that will make me happy is to be with you again...

Why don't you understand that?
Why don't you show your feelings?
You don't know how happy you would make me.... You really don't know....

You are the puzzling piece, which is missing in my life.
But you don't realize that....

23.7.17 02:23

There is no single day when I do not miss you....
I love you so much...

Can't we just be happy together? YOU and ME?????? Together? In love? For a lifetime????????

You're a fool if you still believe you're not good for me.
You're the love of my life. The only one I will always love.
You're the only one who can conjure up this special smile in my face.... I LOVE YOU, SÜLEYMAN!!!!!!

18.5.17 16:21

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