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No life is better than this life....

You don't dare to be with me, but I can't be without you.

I'd rather be dead than to suffer longer. Than to cry every day. Than to be without you. I hate this life....

My life is over before it really started. I never had a real chance to give love and to get love. I would never again expect to be loved. I can't anymore. And I don't want anymore... I'm afraid. I'm fucking afraid.... I just wanted to be happy....


I don't laugh, I can't sleep, I don't talk.
And I don't know how long I still can stand this...
I'm broken without you but
I still love you...

Why don't you take a little bit courage and tell me that you love me? Make me happy again! Give me a reason to smile again and to love this life again, honey! I miss you so much and I will always love you.....

Haven't you written "Важна лишь взаимная любовь."? Why don't you just show me???  I just want to be happy again....

But I cry every day because I miss you so much. I've lost everything All I still have is a heart that loves you very much. Because I will never stop to love you....

19.4.17 17:25


In a world where everyone expects from me to smile I built my own world.
A world with silence and loneliness.
A world where nobody laughs about my tears.
A world where nobody laughs about my love for you.
That's my way to endure this life.
That's my way to live without love.
In my world I protect me from other people.
Because nobody can come close to me there. NOBODY.
Because nobody can replace YOU!!!!!! NOBODY!!!!!!!

18.3.17 21:41

Seni seviyorum......

I don't smile anymore because I miss you too much for this. You miss me, you love me, you want to hear me - but you don't want me to come to you. I will never understand...

But I just want to be happy - with you! With the man I love and who loves me.

A big hug from you could do what time will never do - it would heal me. It would make me so happy... to hear your voice, to see your smile, to feel your closeness.

That is the only thing that can make me happy. That's all I really need, honey. YOU!!!

I love you, Süleyman.

13.3.17 19:09

I love you!

I will never be happy without you....

I have to accept a life with tears and pain...



I love you and you love me.
Together we can be happy - no matter in which country on this earth.
I would come everywhere - as long as you're there.
Let's be happy together!! I will never stop to love you.
To be happy with you would be the greatest for me.

I hope everyday to hear from you... please don't let me wait longer.

It's not weakness when you correct a mistake. It's a sign of strength. You're the love of my life. And this will never change. NEVER!!!!! We should enjoy our lives together.... Come on!!! Do not leave me alone for the rest of my life...

9.3.17 18:07

I miss you so much.....

Because of the instability of, I will also write here:


Sen benim gün geri kalanı mutlu olmak istiyorum kiminle adamsın. Sen hayatımın aşkısın.
Tek ihtiyacım, birazcık sen!
Sen ve ben... Birlikte dünyayı değiştireceğiz.


I know you got hurted. She broke your heart… I know exactly how you feel. You're afraid that this will happen again to you. But I will never hurt you. For this I love you too much, honey.

But as long as this will determine our future, you will break my heart, too. That's not fair. Not for you. Not for me. And especially not for our lives and our love. I know it’s hard for you. But I love you and I miss you so much.

Open your heart to me! Let me show you that love doesn't always hurt you. Let me show you how much I love you. Trust me! Just once! Then you will see how happy we will be together.

You have a lot of love inside you - you just have to let them out. You just have to open your heart to me, honey!!!

May I see your green point on skype again? :-) (Or can you unblock me?) I'd love to write you. But you? I know you hesitate. But try it. Follow your heart and your dreams! I love you, Süleyman!!!! And I will never love another one than YOU.


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4.2.17 09:23

Let's be happy together...

I hope one day love will be really the most important to you.
I hope one day I will be the most important to you....

It feels not good when not even the one who loves me wants to be together with me. The loneliness and the silence make me sick. I feel very bad.
I hope you don’t realize what I mean to you when it's too late. I have no energy and I’m really tired and exhausted. I’m not embarrassed about it and I’m also not embarrassed about my feelings and my love for you. But it’s very hard when you have nothing what is worth to live for. It’s like an endless dark night.
Wake up, honey!!! We have only this one life. And I still believe we 2 deserve to be happy together… But the way it is now my life is just a waste of time. And that's a pitty. Because I miss nothing as much as you. I love you, Süleyman!

Life is valuable only for those who have something what is worth to live for. I'm sorry. But I just want to be happy. With you....

02.01.2017 16:53 Uhr

After all the time... and we're both not happy. Because we love each other so much. You're the love of my life and you also love me so much.

I wish you would care for me like you care for the guests in Oman. But you don't dare. But it would be the most wonderful to me. I'm very sad about it.... Because you would make me very happy... I love you and I miss you, Süleyman!

It's not me who's unreachable. It's you! Let's forgive, forget and be happy together!!!! You don't need to be embarrassed or something like this. You just have to give us a chance. What do we have to lose? We only can win...

I really just want to be happy. But for this I need YOU...


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20.1.17 21:10

I love you...

I miss your smile, your voice, your closeness. I miss everything about you. Because I LOVE YOU!!! Only YOU!!! Make us happy, honey!!! It's so easy....

For me there's no next love. I will always love you. Always!!!

22.12.16 02:23

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