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What do you have to lose? The only thing you risk is to be happy with me.

You're wrong if you think someday someone else will make me happy.  True love can't be replaced. And you certainly not.

Sometimes I'm difficult. But mostly I'm just like you know me. It's just about all these feelings. It's  emotional chaos.


20.12.2015 17:06 Uhr

You don't care - but you look?

You don't want me - but you love me?

I cry. And you behave as it wouldn't matter to you. You don't feel better than me, right?
You should be proud about me and my love. 
You are my first real love - and the last one. It's my destiny - and I have to live with.
Do you remember when you told me you have to protect yourself? Now I know exactly what you mean. But I would risk it with YOU... Because now I know the reason for all this. And because it can't get worse than this situation. Nobody can replace you. NOBODY!
Çok şeye ihtiyacım yok benim. Kalbinde küçük bir yer yeter.
I’m one of these less girls believing in real love and growing old with one person. I still believe true love is just for one and forever. Some people would say it’s crazy, I say it’s just honest.
I won’t do it again with someone else because the fear is too big that it happens again. And because I love YOU. Nobody else. If this means I have to live a lonely life because you don’t want me because you are still afraid of getting hurt than I can’t change. But I’d like to change it – together with you. We’re both afraid but we’re both love us.

07:12.15 06:36 Uhr
All I want is to become happy... I love you!

02.12.2015 16:20 Uhr

I want to bury the past finally. I miss him so much.

I want to sit on the beach with him, to count the stars with him, to tell him from me, to smooch with him, to kiss him... I need his  closeness. I need to feel him. It's so cold without him.

I want that we both are very happy. But at the moment I'm not. And I feel that he's not, too.


26.11.2015 02:23 Uhr

I’m thinking every day of you. At night I can’t  sleep – because I’m still thinking of you.

Sorry for the next few words. I don’t mean bad. But he’s a fool if he still thinks that he made a mistake or something else. My cute fool. Everybody makes mistakes. Me too. But no mistake is so bad that we shouldn’t enjoy our love.

I want to live between Germany and Turkey. My work is here. But my love is there. I want to spend all my free time with him. It seems that he thinks as much as me like I think at him.

Even if I sometimes blamed myself or did something embarrassing. Our love is more important than a stupid mistake. We’re only humans. But we love us. And we’re not happy without the other one. Nobody can change the past. But we can enjoy a nice future – together.

He should finally stop to think bad about himself. It’s not right. He’s a wonderful man. Maybe sometimes he tries to be too perfect. He doesn’t need to. To me he’s perfect just the way he is.

If he realizes and believes this, than we can be happy for the rest of our lives.

He is the love of my life. And this will never change… Süleyman I love you!!!



16.11.2015 05:30 Uhr

I'd like to sit with you on the beach, I want to tell you so much from me, I want to smooch with you, I want to laugh with you, I want to touch your hips when I kiss you, I want to look into your eyes, I want to caress through your hair, I want... all these wonderful things you do, when you're in love.

It's terrible without you!

I read, I can translate and I feel... how much you love me.

Between us – it’s not just love. It’s the real BIG LOVE.

What shall I do? I can’t life without you. I miss you always. I feel that we belong together – it’s fate I think. It seems that you need me the same like I need you.

To a special person one say “I need you”, “take care of yourself” and “you’re important to me”. But no one has ever told me that. I never was something special and I never wanted to be. I just wanted to wait for the right one. And that’s Süleyman.

I believe that I can make you really happy. Because I’m happy if you are…

With so much love between us we should look forward – we don’t need to look back. It’s not important what has been, it’s just important what comes.

I miss your smile because it let me smile, your eyes because they shine when they see me, your hands because I love when they touch me, your voice because then I know you’re close to me, your lips because I want to kiss you. I miss everything about you because I love everything about you.

You can say a hundred times to me that I’m special. I wouldn’t believe. But if you DO something special for me – just one time – I would believe for the rest of my life. Because words are easily spoken – but actions not.

How I would feel if you would do something special for me? Like a princess – your little princess.

I have friends who are together with turkish, kurdish and brasilian partners. They are all so happy. For me it’s not important from where you are. Only who you are. The one who loves me…



I'm not happy without you... I love to do this here. To write my thoughts about you. But soon I don't have any power any more. It's hard to live without you.

I would love to see you again. Doesn't matter when or where.  I miss you.

Why I fell in love with you? Because you make me feel so good when I'm with you. Believe me, you are wonderful. In my eyes you are perfect. Just the way you are. I think it's the same reason why you fell in love with me... And I don't think I'm perfect, too. Even if you see it differently. Just as it feels we belong together.

It's really easy to send me a message. Only a few words. Believe me.

I will always love you. I hope to get an Happy-End. For both of us. You're everything to me. I'd like to be your little star which is always shining for you...


Seni özlüyorum...

I promise by my mother's life that I will never hurt you. (And she is the only person I have yet.) Trust me! I've never lied or cheated anyone. And I will never do. Never!

If you let the past determine you now, you will lose what you can have in the present and the future. A life with me... And a girl which loves you very much. Since more than 2 years... A girl that would travel around the world for you... Because YOU make her smile.

"I miss you. When will you come back." These few words would make me real happy.

Honey, I love you!


26.10.2015 17:45 Uhr

Even if you believe least you are the one I need most.

Home is where heart is...

I travelled to more than 20 countries and I know that not everyone can do this. But I always worked for it. But it's not important if you are not happy. It's not important if you have much money or whether you are successful. It's only important to know that there is someone who loves you. No matter where in the world. Because love is the most important. And to be needed. To know that someone is happy because he sees me.

Formerly I was somebody noticed from nobody. Except ONE. Then I hoped to be something special to him. For a few days I felt so. It was great. I enjoyed his closeness.

And now? I'm nothing special. I'm still someone whom no one noticed.

But this feeling is what life is worth to live for. Nothing else. No amount of money can replace it.

And I still dream. Of YOU... I miss you.

How does it feel? To be needed? To be loved? To be happy? I don't know... But I'd like to know....


23.10.2015 23:02 Uhr

I can't imagine that you don't care how I feel. It was not me who hurted you. NOT ME. Now I pay a high price.

It's me. The one you love. You wrote I'm unreachable like the stars. No. I'm not. I'm only one message away from you... Just one message.

I still love you and I miss you.

But I can't stand it. You are all I want. Still. I can't be angry with you.  But I want to stop the pain in my heart...


18.10.2015 23:02 Uhr

Why I am the way I am? I'm scared. Just scared. And I don't know how to deal with all the emotions. That's all...

Some people might think I'm not normal. But only I know what I feel.

We did not dispute... Nothing stands between us (in my opinion).

Some people may say "Look for another one". I can't do that. I could have 3 dates the day when I was downtown Side on my holidays. But I didn't and I couldn't.

Don't let the past determine your future. Don't let destroy our love because of what someone else did to you. Please.

I know that you're a very loving man, otherwise I would not had fallen in love with you. I need you! I miss everything about you. Your closeness, your smile, your laugh... Everything! I wait every day for a message... unbelievable, or? I want to be with you together, I have so much to tell you from me and all the things to enjoy being with you.

I don't want to cry anymore. I want to smile because I'm happy for you. I would be so proud to be the girl on your side.

You're everything to me. But without you, everything is nothing.


16.10.2015 15:07

When I was younger I thought I only have to wait until the right one comes... He came. But the case he loves me but He doesn’t want me – that’s not explainable in my little world. I only wanted his heart to care for it and to love him. Now I say the same like he said: “Nobody gets my heart”. But this way I have no chance for a normal life. No baby, no own little family, no love. But I love children...

He thought time will heal me. No. I love him since more than 2 years and I will do it always. I can’t change.

Nobody knows how I really feel. I feel myself ugly, unattractive and unloved. Maybe it’s not right. But how should I feel? The one who loves me doesn’t want to be together with me. Maybe someone like me can nobody love. I wish he would say “sorry, come back, I miss you too”. But maybe I’m not worth.

I hate the days with all the bad thoughts. I was always kindly and had joy. But it’s nothing left. I lost everything. My smile, my joy and maybe my love. I only want the pain ends. But it doesn’t. It will never end. I fall asleep with tears in my eyes and I try all the time nobody notices how I really feel. Because they can’t help me. I spend all my time alone. I don’t want to talk to anybody.

I still love you but I can’t understand all this. Everybody says love is something wonderful. It isn’t. I miss you. Just you. I want no explanation but I want my smile back. But I can do nothing for you to change your mind... or maybe? Just trust me. Only ONCE.

If I still have dreams or wishes? Only one wish... finally to enjoy our love.


14.10.2015 23:02

Benim canim

Seni özlüyorum!

Her gün. Her saat. Her dakika. Hep.

Seni seviyorum!

If I knew why are you so hard on you and me... If I could I would change it. Immediately. Even though you might not understand but I love you anyway. Life is not always easy. But I would do anything that you change your mind. Because I’m not happy without you. Without you I’m like a flower without water. I have no joy anymore. I can look forward to nothing. Not even the next holidays.

If I love, then correctly and only once. But forever. I believe in it. We’re so cute together.

I know you only want to protect yourself. But with a little bit of courage and trust you would notice that you don’t need to protect you from me.

I only smile when I think of you. Because of all these little memories. Do you remember? You wanted to dance but I was too shy this evening. Or when you sang for me? Or when you put your arms around me? I need more of you…

I would really enjoy if you would write me “would you like to come back to me”. I love you. Just you. You can be sure - I promise.

I don't care the past - I want a future - with you.


6.11.15 17:00

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