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I want to be the reason that makes you happy for the rest of your life!!!!

Do you know how happy a message from you would make me? One message that would make both of us happy. I even would enjoy about a simple "Hello" or "Hi" because the I know I can answer you. When you do you will realize how happy you make me.

I just love you. And I'm not so complicated as you may think.
I need someone who touches me, who smiles at me, who keeps me in his arms and who just loves me like you do. I need YOU!!!

I love you honey!!! Please write me... because it's all I wish. I just want to be happy, honey. With you. Because we love each other... :-) I LOVE YOU!!!!!


04.11.16 20:46 Uhr

Let's be happy and together...
Let's laugh and having fun...
Let's cuddle and enjoy...
Let's know how good our lips are tasting... :-)

But don't let's no longer to be alone and separated!
I love you, honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


19.10.2016 17:58 Uhr

Süleyman. I love you and I want you. Because you're all I need...

For me you are everything. I don't need much to be happy.

Your smile, to hear your voice and your laugh. That's all I need. YOU!!! I love you, honey. I don't feel good without you. The silence, the tears, the loneliness, the pain in my heart. I miss you so much... I want to be happy - with you. You just have to let me come back to you. Because you made me feel so good always when I'm with you.

I love you and I'd love to show you... I need your closeness because you make me feel so special. Like nobody else can do to me... I love you!!!!!!!!

I would love to laugh again. For you and with you. But I can't without you. Because I miss you so much... Because you're the only one...


12.11.16 09:03

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