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Let's be happy together...

I hope one day love will be really the most important to you.
I hope one day I will be the most important to you....

It feels not good when not even the one who loves me wants to be together with me. The loneliness and the silence make me sick. I feel very bad.
I hope you don’t realize what I mean to you when it's too late. I have no energy and I’m really tired and exhausted. I’m not embarrassed about it and I’m also not embarrassed about my feelings and my love for you. But it’s very hard when you have nothing what is worth to live for. It’s like an endless dark night.
Wake up, honey!!! We have only this one life. And I still believe we 2 deserve to be happy together… But the way it is now my life is just a waste of time. And that's a pitty. Because I miss nothing as much as you. I love you, Süleyman!

Life is valuable only for those who have something what is worth to live for. I'm sorry. But I just want to be happy. With you....

02.01.2017 16:53 Uhr

After all the time... and we're both not happy. Because we love each other so much. You're the love of my life and you also love me so much.

I wish you would care for me like you care for the guests in Oman. But you don't dare. But it would be the most wonderful to me. I'm very sad about it.... Because you would make me very happy... I love you and I miss you, Süleyman!

It's not me who's unreachable. It's you! Let's forgive, forget and be happy together!!!! You don't need to be embarrassed or something like this. You just have to give us a chance. What do we have to lose? We only can win...

I really just want to be happy. But for this I need YOU...


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